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Our Mission

 We at Blinksoft Consulting know that it is not always easy to understand your computer. Sometimes it simply takes a few easy lessons in how to use the resources that are already at your fingertips. Other times you might need new or better resources. How can you tell what you need? Thatís where we come in. We will speak with you in depth, find out what you need and how best to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost. The initial phone consultation is always free. [20 minute time limit per customer]

Company Profile

Blinksoft Consulting is a small home based business. Mostly we did coding for non graphical text based multi user games. However over the years of talking to some of the seniors in the area we have found one thing lacking in our community. Honest computer help for those that do not understand a lot about computers.

Some people do not want to know all the computer jingo, they simply want to get online to play their games, send email or talk to friends. Others have paid hundreds of dollars for courses that rush people through without really teaching. In some cases people would take their computers into local stores and be told they needed stuff that they really did not need, all because they did not know the right questions to ask.

It saddened us to see these people being taken advantage of. We decided we would help these people. To the best of our ability we will work to see that when ever possible, people can enjoy the use of their computers regardless of over all computer knowledge. We will help you learn to make the computer do what needs to be done.

Are you looking for  BlinkSOFT Incorporated?  They offer access technologies for blind and low-vision people from their office in Renton WA. USA

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